I Believe :)

All my life I have dreamed of studying abroad, in New York, to study another language or to go to a music school. I have dreamed of conquering a small stage at a cafe singing bossa nova and acoustic songs. I have dreamed of owning the cat walk. I have dreamed of a high paying job in a very nice office. I have dreamed of travelling around the world and visiting all the nice places.

I realized, I can do this all. All I need to do is believe :) I have been listening to Joel Osteen's podcasts and I've never been so hyped about God's power in my life, only if I just believe :) i may not be where God wants me to be, but I'm getting there :) I know, because I believe :) Lord, I believe. These three words are so powerful because you are giving God the power to shower you with overflowing blessings :) 

If you read this, God is doing the same in your life, just believe, and He will give you the desires of your heart :) Thank uou Lord for all the abundant blessings that are about to come.. Soon :) 


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