My Journey in Carrot Fantasy

Say hello to Luobo's addicting game, The Carrot Fantasy. I don't know about you but I didn't have any carrot fantasies since this game haha lol I just love the welcome image of this game :)

So here's how Carrot Fantasy looks like :)

Here's my nest, with my baby sea monsters :) They really look cute :) So you basically need to grow a specific type of monster to unlock new levels :)

Here are my two unhatched eggs. :( As you can see I don't have any nest left for these two cuties :) So it's a cue for me to play more so I'll receive gifts. Oh the cookies, milk and nests are like a bonus and yes, it comes as a surprise inside a gift box hahaha

So this is the boss of all the boss, Hugechela and yes, I defeated this purple beast lol hahaha Honestly, this level wasn't too hard, I was stuck for days with Conchking. Now go to the next picture to see the hard to defeat creature!

Here's Conchking, the conch that made my life very hard! haha I think I was stuck in this level for almost a week and mind you, I play this game everyday. Thanks to my job as a freelance writer, I have lots of time to play my favorite games. haha I am proud to admit that I bought my iPad because I really love to play games. Back then, temple run was the game of all time :)

Okay so I am so excited for this level! Woohoo! New carrot fantasies! lol Come to me and make my carrot fantasies come true hahaha I'm such a carrotista! :)

So here's a preview of how a level looks like. The square with the plus sign means you can put a defense unit there and there are 4 you can choose in this level, and it changes every level, the number and the kind of units. My favorite here would be Mr. Sun and yes, The Shit! hahaha :)


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