Are You Ready to Cross the Zombie Lane?

Digital Chocolate really makes awesome games! I remembered I was hooked with their other game, it was like a chocolate factory, much like candy crush but just uses chocolates :) yummy game if you ask me! Hahaha

Here's the part where you have to wait for the game to load. It just takes less than a minute if your connection is good. But for those with crappy internet, you might want to take a shower first or grab a snack! Haha kidding!

Like some other games, zombie lane has some ads in between >_<

So here I am, mighty zombie slayer inside my house :) you can actually make your fence more beautiful by tapping on them but it requires that you spend energy. I might be doing that once I kill all the effin zombies!

Here's a zoom out picture. The icons on the left are quests and things that will keep you on track :)

Sadly, I ran out of energy. And i don't have enough chicken legs to buy a refill! Hahaha 

Here's the food challenge, I planted strawberries. Ofcourse, who doesn't love strawberries?

And for the market, you can buy A LOT! If you have the money :) If not, then plant a lot so you will earn more :)

I like how I look but if you want to change something and look more badass, you can customize you sim :) i love calling virtual people sims :)

I need to play more so I can unlock this!

Tadaaaaa! Here are the things I've won or looted when I killed those stinky zombies! Booyah! :)


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