An Honest Review of Candy Crush Saga from a Candy Crush Addict's Point of View

You might be wondering why I am reviewing this first and not clash of clans, well first of all, coc is such a cool game that it just keeps getting better so I need more time to make my village a little bit more appelaing to the eyes of my audience lol

Well anyway, let's stick with candy crush as of the moment as this game gave me sleepless nights! hahaha and so I thought love is the only thing that make me miss my precious sleep lol

To all the candy crush addicts, I FEEL YOU! hahaha I know how hard it is when there's only one tile left and you have only one more move and then you got stuck. Ouch.

Here are snippets from my ifudge of one of my fave games. You might be shocked how kiddie games are so addicting! hahaha Or maybe it's the candy. Help me, I'm stuck in level 65! haha


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