My Star Wars Dream

Happy Star Wars Day!!! :) I was geeking all over the web and found these amazing Star Wars pictures! Thought I will share it with you all since we're celebrating today. May the fourth be with you! :)

I saw a lot of Star Wars cake and even though I loved the R2-D2 cake, this Death Star blew my mind away haha The light sabers look awesome though I'd like them to be neon in color and maybe add some characters to the cake, Princess Leia, Yoda, Han Solo, R2-D2 and 3-CPO :)

I'm a girl so I would love to have my future husband propose to me with a unique ring hahaha and I can't think of anything more perfect than this! haha Or maybe just a normal ring but with an added Star Wars design to it :p

Staw Wars Themed-wedding is perhaps the geekiest thing I could do to show the world how much I love it! Everything in this picture looks purrr-fect!

Ofcourse, a couple that loves Star Wars forever, stays together haha ^_^

I knowweerrrr! One of my dream costumes is to wear this outfit during a Star Wars event or any costume-themed parties haha I hope I could pull this off as much as Princess Leia did :)

Summer is here and this Han Solo bathing suit and R2-D2 mini dress is perfect for the weather. Now where can I buy this? :)

Star Wars heels is sooooo hard to find and I haven't found one yet! Bummer! I don't want a peep-toe though but maybe sneakers or higher pumps than these!

Stop drooling! haha Who wants some carbonite crunch with Boba Fett? Ben & Jerry's surely knows what's up!

I have no idea if these burgers are for real, but if incase it is, shut up and take my money! hahaha I'd go for Dark Vader Burger! If it's edible haha

This is the coolest room I've found but it's too boyish for my taste. I would love a red, white and black combo of this. I would paint the walls black and add some galactic touch to it but still have that quote. Sheets would be the same color palette but that Darth Vader Wall Photo is staying!

I seriously love this Star Wars Couple Onesies! I would get the red one if it's available :)

Having a tattoo is one of my favorite things in life that I know will just remain a dream. Insert personal reason here. But that won't stop me from posting about it! I would definitely have this Yoda tat on my back! And it glows!!! :)


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