7 Ways To Get Those Pretty Peepers Popping

They say that the eyes are the windows to our soul and that they are the first things that people see of us. Let’s get those peepers fresh and bright for the world to see. Even though you didn’t get that much sleep last night partying or binge watching your favourite shows, you won’t wake up looking like one of those walkers from The Walking Dead. We have 7 tips on how to achieve gorgeous eyes for a refreshed look.

1.     mask dark under eye circles

Choose a foundation that’s one or two shades lighter than your actual skin colour and tap a pea sized amount of it on those dark circles. Without the under eye circles showing, you’ll achieve a well-rested appearance in a matter of seconds.
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2.     shape your eyebrows

Some girls are born with beautiful, thick eyebrows but a little shaping won’t hurt and it’ll make those peepers stand out. Don’t overdo it though, you wouldn’t want to be waking up looking like Edith Piaf circa 1951.
Her voice is the soul of Paris but, jeez, those eyebrows.

3.     pink blush

Flushed cheeks adds a youthful glow to your face and brightens your eyes by making them sparkle.
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4.     wear black eyeliner

I know right?! Like you, I was baffled at first, but makeup artists say that black eyeliner makes the whites in our eyes brighter. You need to apply a very thin line near the inner rims of your upper eyelashes to achieve that bright, doe-eyed effect.
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5.     curl your lashes

Curling your eyelashes make them appear thicker and longer while opening your peepers.
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6.     shimmer

A little shimmer never hurt anybody. Add a tiny swipe of shimmery eye shadow to add a little luster and make your eyes look awake. Not too much though, you don’t want to look like a Christmas tree and accidentally blinding others with your overuse of sparkly fairy dust.
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7.     white eyeliner

Use a bone colored pencil because the off-white color brightens the whites of your eyes just like that.
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