Are You Happy?

Finished all my working hours for the week so I'm relaxing and just reading interesting articles across the web. Stumbled to 9 Things You Seriously Need To Drop To Be Happy and it sure was spot on. I don't usually leave comments on articles that I read but this one was something I couldn't just ignore. I would suggest everyone to read this article by Alden Tan.

Here are some of the phrases that really stood out to me:

"Let go of the attachment. Whatever happens, will happen. Accept it, learn from it, grow and keep enjoying the process."
The hardest part in everything, I guess, is to let go. I could almost hear Idina Menzel singing Let It Go. We always try our best to do everything we can and we end up frustrated because it's not happening in our time frame and sometimes not the kind of  things we want to happen. I guess I have to do what the author said, accept it, learn from it and enjoy the process.

"Don’t find love. Do what you love, and love will find you."
A lot of people are guilty of this. And I'm no exception. I guess it's because nobody likes the loneliness it brings. Well for sure there are people who loves to be alone, I do, but there are times when I wish I have someone I could share awesome moments with. I like cooking, eating, reading and blogging, does that help? haha

"You may be too attached to a lot of unnecessary things in your life. A healthy environment produces a happy mind."
Just like letting go, we always hold on to things that we should've let go for a long time. My mind isn't too happy because of the circumstance I am in but maybe I need to let go so I'll have a sound mind :)

"You’re subconsciously boring yourself in the search of entertainment in social media. Drop it. Start being aware and appreciate nature. Find better hobbies too, like reading."
This is sooooo true! I love walking, running and jogging outside because I don't just feel good but it relaxes my mind as well. And I really need to travel more and enjoy everything the world has to offer :) I already love reading so no issues with that haha :p

"Drop the past, for it does not exist anymore. Drop the future for you cannot ever have full control of all events."
Another thing that's spot on! I can't even begin to talk about this without feeling guilty haha I know I have to enjoy the present because it's a gift!

"No one except you can choose to be happy. A truthful life is a happy one. Go for it."
I know happiness is a choice and eventhough you show people you're happy, if at the end of the day you still have to convince yourself that you are, then you're living a lie. I know, I still am. But I'm going for a truthful and happy life even if it's hard! I'll try my best!!! :)


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