5 Reasons Why You Need To Get A Massage Now!

I'm always up for a massage and I will never say no to it *hides face* haha I get a massage usually once a month, therapeutic one, as I always feel better after every session. I'm very lucky to live in a country where getting a massage isn't that expensive even for the best ones! When I went to Europe last February, I never had the chance to experience it as it was very expensive. That's why the first thing I did when I arrived home was go to my favorites massage place and had a relaxing 1 hour and 30 minute massage. Well anyway, for this post, I'm going to give you five reasons why you need to splurge on a good massage!

1. One of the very reasons I like going to a Spa or Massage Parlor is I always feel relaxed and calm when I'm there. I love parlors who play slow instrumental music, have an air diffuser with peppermint or anything that's like it and most of all, dim lights and candles. Typing these things makes me relax even haha! :p I have been to Spa's and Massage Areas with bright lights and noisy environment, one thing's for sure happened, I never went back!

2. If you're like me who easily gets sad or depressed, getting a regular massage really helps. Even if the things that makes me sad are still there, the stress that it builds up in my mind and body are not. Stress hormones are reduced that's why you'll be in a better mood after a session. I like what Barney said in How I Met Your Mother, "when I get sad, I stop being sad, and be awesome instead". Heartbroken? Go get a massage! :) You'll feel better!

3. I don't like getting sick. I mean who does? Massage improves blood circulation which is maybe why it's good to ward off diseases. I'm pretty sure getting a massage is cheaper than buying a whole lot of medicine or worse, being admitted in the hospital! Yikes! (I'm a Nurse but I don't like staying in one hahaha)

4. All of us are guilty in pulling an all-nighter. It's so easy to lose sleep. I always say there's so many things you can do but there's just too little time in a day! When I miss a good night's sleep because I finish watching a whole series or movie marathon or a book, I sometimes make up for it by getting a massage to help me relax and sleep better. You can never say no to a good rubdown! Even more romantic if your lover do it or go for a couples massage hahaha (Okay I haven't had a massage like this *gasps* haha)

5. What I don't like when working with computers is the pain you get from sitting or typing too long.  I try to avoid back pain as much as I can but it seems it loves me too much haha! My wrists and neck hurts sometimes too that's why I go and get a massage regularly. Don't sit too long people, it's deadly!! :) Standing tables are heaven sent too! :)


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