My ZALORA Wishlist

My Zalora Wishlist. Just browsed through Nuffnangs site and I stumbled upon this contest. I was hesitant to try it at first but, it won't hurt if I try, right? Well anyways, I love Zalora because it makes online shopping fun and easy. It's like everything you need is in one website. Because I'm an unemployed Newly Registered Nurse, buying things I need and "want" is hard. But 'nuff 'bout me, let's get started with my wishlist! Yeeha! :) I just love this simple joys I get whenever I enjoy doing something, and knowing I might get this for free makes me want to "dougie" dance. haha *wink* It's like Christmas and I'm telling Santa what I want, except that it's Zalora and it's still May :)
First on my list is ofcourse, a pair of heels. Every girls gotta have it. I know every woman would agree on this! A woman can't have enough shoes :) What I love about this Plain platform pumps from WADE is the simplicity of its overall elegance. And even though these heels are sky high, it's still a comfortable pair because of its platform in front. I would really look taller and elegant with this shoes. Yay! Not to mention sexayy!

Another item that can't be absent in a woman's closet is a bag. Bags speak more than you think they can. You can tell what a person's mood is through her bag. Now, what would this Bonita Large Shoulder bag mean if I were to use it? Bubbly and Chic. I love the classic blue and ofcourse, its design with the gold lock. It's perfect for this summer as I can pair it with my flats and maybe a maxi dress. I can use it anytime, anywhere. Oh, and it makes me wanna go to la isla bonita :)

I know, I know, I'm a plus size so when I saw that this Africa Maddie Tankini from Anemone is available on XL, I quickly hit the move to wishlist button. haha It's like I'm a kid again who finally found her favorite candy! I love the beach and the pool, I love dipping in water and I know this pair would make me look hotta  :) Geez, I love the design and the colors are just perfect for my curves :) I wouldn't be a pinay + without 'em curves.

This Miho Dress from Plains & Prints is definitely a must-have! I want my things to be flexible and this is one of them. I love the colors combined and the cut is perfect for me! I could use it to church with my flats and change footwear to heels for a party at night. Maybe a date with boyfie at a nice restaurant and Im'ma wear this would be perfect. :) Ahh, romatic colors in a romantic place.

Lastly, I chose this watch as Mother's Day is fast approaching and what a wonderful way to surprise my mom with Timex Watch? Not to mention she loves white and watches :) I wouldn't be here blogging about this if it hadn't been for my mom. I couldn't wait to see her smile when she opens her gift and see this watch! Ah, priceless moments! I love my mom.

Here's the 5 items added on My Zalora Wishlist:

Thank you so much NuffnangZalora for this contest, makes us ordinary people own extraordinary pieces :)

So guys don't forget to visit ZALORA now and they're also offering P250 voucher if you sign up! Yay!

RJ Lyn


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