My Fifty Shades of Grey

There's a buzz buzz in the meadow! hahaha According to MTV, Nina Dobrev might be playing Anastasia Steele of the famous book Fift Shades of Grey! And I love it! hahaha I have been picturing Nina or Ian doing the roles but I think Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl or Chace Crawford can do the it too. 

Well, I have been reading the trilogy, thanks to my BFF Jean who introduced me to the book. I love how EL James wrote it with simplicity and jam packed with sexuality. hahaha The book has seriously a lot of steamy scenes that made me blush. Jean and I were joking how I wanted Christian Grey so much. :) I have finished reading all the books and I love it! I love the ending and every part of it.

Here's my list of actors who I want to play as Christian Grey:

1. Ian Somerhalder
2. Ed Westwick
3. Chace Crawford
4. Zac Efron (Okay, he might be young for this role, but he's a hottie that's why he made it up to my list) hahaha
5. Ashton Kutcher. He's The Man!
6. Bradley Cooper. I love that he speaks french FLUENTLY :)
7. Channing Tatum. I've always loved Channing from Step Up to The Vow and the list goes on :)
8. Chris Hemsworth. Ofcourse, a god could play this role. heheh I love him in Thor and I wouldn't mind seeing him again in Fifty Shades as Christian Grey :)
9. Dane Cook. My BEST BET! hahaha I think he fits Christian Grey perfectly :)
10. Hayden Christensen. He's a Jumper! Need I say more :p

I know this is a short list but, I think all the actors in the line up would play the role perfectly! As for the girls, here's my top 6 pickies:

1. Nina Dobrev. Ofcourse, both she and Ian is on my list :)
2. Amanda Seyfried. She's just, the best :)
3. Leighton Meester. Ofcourse, she's a beauty and she would fit Anastasia Steele's personality.
4. Mila Kunis. She's sexy. haha
5. Anne Hathaway. She was the girl in Brokeback Mountain :p
6. Scarlett Johansson. Yes, I would love to see her as brunette and be the bookish Anastasia Steele. Plus she's oozing with sex appeal!

What do you guys think?

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RJ Lyn


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