Hello, Davao!

My Papa has a meeting ofcourse, as always, so Mama and I decided to go with him in Davao, and here we are! :) 

So excited to visit Abreeza Mall, heard good reviews and cool comments from people I know. I'm still waiting for my classmate, sister Shenette, to contact me as she will be my tourguide. hehe Calling, Shenette Bunda!!

Anyways, the Conference booked us here in Bagobo House Hotel, so we don't really have a choice, sayang naman if hindi namin tutulugan ang free room :) I love the hotel's simplicity and the sumptuous FREE breakfast. What I don't like is, the wifi is not for free! 50/hr, 150/24hrs and 500/week. I could buy smartbro, globe broadband or sun broadband with that money. lol Anyways, good thing the food is delicious, or else! hahaha

I love Davao! :)

RJ Lyn


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