The Vampire Diaries Obsession

Okae, so it hit me. I am a TVD-holic. After Season 3 and learning that Elena might fall in love with Damon in Season 4 has brought me to new heights. I decided to stop watching TVD from episode 12 because the week-long break from each episode is driving me nuts. So I made myself busy with work and all other stuff. When the season finale was finally released, my sister-in-law gave me a copy of the episodes 12 to 22. Believe me, I finished it in one sitting. I finished at about 4am and my viewing was full of tears, gasps and OMG! hahaha I couldn't move on. And the fact that Season 4 will be aired on October, that's like 4 crazy months! TVD-rehab calling!

After that day, I swore TVD is the most amazing, one-and-only, heartbreakingly-epic TV series man ever created. For real. It hook me up, and it's not even a man. lol From TVD fan, I instantly became TVD-holic with symptoms. hahaha Now I'm having TVD-withdrawal symptoms. Gaaaah! I always check for news and updates and it seems that reading about them isn't enough.

And then Ian Somerhalder arrived in the Philippines, then I died! Argh! My first and last chance to see Ian Somerhalder in person was gone, poof, it became koko krunch! He was here for Penshoppe Photoshoot and it was in Palawan which is miles away from where I am by the way. Well, maybe I am destined to just see them on screen. I don't care, as long as he and Nina Dobrev are together in real life! haha I'm really looking forward to them, having more pics in OMG Yahoo, Justjared, perezhilton and the likes. But I wouldn't mind seeing them in person, maybe I'd have to go to the US for that. I should really practice Nursing if I want to go out of the country! lol. Not gonna happen! haha Maybe one day, I would be granted a US Visa, ahh, just the thought of it. Heaven on earth!

I can't imagine how amazing Julie Plec and Kev Williamson's minds are, must be very busy inside there. lol If I just hang out with them, like over dinner or something, that would be great ( daydreaming while blogging).

TVD made me forget how much I love Twilight. Seriously. Although I love Twilight, there's something inside me that loves TVD and only TVD. (OMG for reals, can I hear myself?)

Ever wondering why I'm blabbing about TVD in my blog? Because I don't have anyone to share it with here! hahaha my sister is still on Season 2 of TVD and I can't spoil her of those juicy details I know about Season 3. 

P.S. I really wanna meet TVD fans here in the Philippines so we can relate with each other and maybe watch the whole season again and again.

Finally, I have unloaded some of my obsession ideas and thoughts here in my blog. Expect for more blabs about TVD! haha


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