New Year in Manila!

Finally I'm back! After weeks of incognito I am finally back to blogging! haha I am currently at the airport as I'm typing this, waiting for my flight. My sister's and brother's fambam had earlier flights and I'm the last one to arrive.

This isn't the first time for me to celebrate New Year's in Manila ever since my brother moved there, it is now an option to travel there especially this year where the sister in law is carrying their first baby! hehe

I will be hitting two birds in one stone in this trip as I will also apply to my first ever Schengen Visa! Yep! I have finally gathered all the courage to apply in Embassy of Norway to finally fulfill my dream Europe travel! I have all my papers except for the flight reservation as it is only valid for a day so I need to get it the day before my interview!

Wish me luck on January 6 as I enter the Embassy and make my dreams come true!!! Woohoo! I sure know God will be with me (positive vibes!)

Will surely update you on how my application goes! I'm claiming it!


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