How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off...PERMANENTLY!

There have been a lot of weight loss techniques circulating in beauty and health centered magazines, shows and websites. You’ve heard health and figure conscious people lose weight through different diets and fruit/vegetable cleanses. It turns out that whatever diet you’re in or how many cleanse juices you take, everything will be a waste if you gain every pound you’ve lost. Here are tips that will help you lose the excess pounds and shed them off permanently.

Tips To Lose Weight: Start your day with a breakfast fit for a King... or Queen.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because this meal breaks the fasting you’ve been doing while you were sleeping. Eating a heavy meal in the morning keeps you from over-eating come lunch and dinner.

Tips To Lose Weight: Stop skipping meals and satisfy that crave.
Whenever you feel hungry, take a bite to eat and I mean literally. Just a simple slice of fruit or a piece of high protein cracker is enough to stop the craving without filling you up too much. It’s not bad to have snacks in between meals as long as it’s light and it doesn’t ruin your dinner. 

Tips To Lose Weight: If you’re craving for something unhealthy, redirect yourself.
Keep your mind busy and off of the junk food. Try chatting with a friend and relinquish that unhealthy craving by snacking on some serious gossip. 

Tips To Lose Weight: Forget the booze.
Beer has a lot of calories which means added effort is needed to burn them. Reward yourself with a glass of wine every month instead because it is healthier. Plus, you’ll look sophisticated with a glass of Zinfandel on your hand. 

Tips To Lose Weight: Snack on fruit.
The natural sweetness that you get from fruits is a great alternative to muffins and cookies. This is good news to those people with a sweet tooth. 

Tips To Lose Weight: Respect mealtime.
Keep mealtime free from distractions of any kind. Turn off the television while eating because it keeps you from focusing on your meal and you’ll keep on munching without the feeling of being full.

Tips To Lose Weight: Hit that snooze button.
Sleep earlier and wake up later than your regular schedule. So it’s okay to hit that snooze button every once in a while. The more rested you are, the healthier eating choices you make. And why not try sleeping earlier than usual because the more we stay awake in the wee hours of the night, the greater is the tendency to crave for midnight snacks.


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