"How to Get a Dancer's Body" From the Theater's Stars

I’ve recently been a fan of Broadway musicals that feature dance. 1975’s A Chorus Line, 1975 and 1996’s Chicago, which I both adore, 1986 Broadway revival of Sweet Charity and other on-stage productions with killer dance routines fill my Youtube account. When I watch a video of Bebe Neuwirth and Ann Reinking doing “Nowadays”, I’ll be hooked on it throughout the evening.

I’m not only amazed with the complex dance moves, frivolous costumes and colourful vocal prose these musicals have. What I most admire about is how the dancers look and how fit they are to be sashaying in different directions with Fosse hands and not skip a beat.

Every dancer has his/her own tips on looking good and being fit. So, here is a short list on how to get a dancer’s body straight from the theater's stars.

Bebe Neuwirth

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The 55 yr. old Ms. Neuwirth says that she works harder now to stay in shape. Admits that she hates going to the gym, she works out by riding her bike and doing Pilates, which she thinks is fantastic.

Charlotte Gooch
Paul Michael Jones and Charlotte Gooch
Juicing is her secret to getting fit and staying healthy. She says, “I have recently become a big fan. It's great for energy levels, provides lots of vitamins and nutrients, and doesn't pile on the pounds.”

Carol Furtado

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 Carol does Bollywood dancing and suggests to others that they should do it too. “It’s a high energy fitness workout - great cardio - that has you sweating in no time. It’s also a great deal of fun, which is more important because if people don’t enjoy their workout session, they’re more likely to slack off.”

Billy Porter

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Kinky Boots’ Lola, Billy Porter, enjoys Bikram yoga and a boutique gym called Mark Fisher Fitness, which is a gym designed by theater people for the theater people.

Laura Osnes

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Ms. Osnes goes for the plank to tighten and tone. “I’ve done plank for 60 seconds almost every day since 2009, when I had to wear a bikini onstage in South Pacific,” says the Rogers & Hammerstein's Cinderella star.


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