10 Skin Care Tips You Need To Know

1. When your face looks splotchy, drink a glass of ice cold water. The cold temperature makes the blood vessels constricted and soothes facial redness.

2. To achieve naturally bright skin, dip a washcloth in fresh soymilk and leave it on your face for 10 minutes once a week. The phytoestrogen not only brightens but also, prevents wrinkles.

3. Eyegel works well when applied cold so, refrigerate your eye cream/gel to get the best results.

4. Facials and peels are to be avoided the night before your big event because they might leave your face blotchy and red.

5. If you’re one of the very few with very dry, flaky skin, try applying dandruff shampoo as a face cleaner once a month. Dandruff shampoo reduces the yeast levels that cause skin to be scaly.

6. UV rays are stronger when you’re riding in an airplane so, better apply some sunscreen especially when you’re sitting in a window seat.

7. Are you noticing a little oily face, lately? Splash cold black tea on your face and don’t rinse. Black tea works as a natural astringent and the cold temperature minimizes the pores.

8. Honey is nature’s exfoliant and humectant so, try lathering some of the sweet syrup on your face inside the shower to reduce loss of moisture.

9. Sour cream is perfect for sensitive skin because it nourishes this type of complexion while making it smooth due to the lactic acid found in it.

10. If you’re experiencing break-outs lately, you might need to clean your phone. The bacteria on your mobile might be causing the breakouts.


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