7 Ways To Look Good Even When You've Underslept

Whether you’re a student, a parent, an average workaholic or a mix of all three, you are not excuse from getting sleep deprivation. As modern day women, we work hard (and play hard), which leads to us having fewer hours of rest or none at all. 
Don’t get us wrong, nothing beats getting up in the morning looking fresh and fine after a good night’s sleep. But when the lack of sleep cannot be prevented, here are 7 ways to look good even when you’ve under slept.

1.     Ice water to awaken tired skin
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Splash some cold water on your face to tighten tired pores and smoothen sleepy skin. You can also massage an ice cube on your face until it melts. 
Want to look extremely refreshed? Instead of a normal ice cube, try making one from used black tea.
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You could also buy refresh sprays that are available in drugstores and spritz some on your face whenever you want.
2.     Moisturize
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When we lose sleep, we also lose our skin’s good condition. Our skin dries when it’s not being taken care of. So, lather on extra moisturizer to bring that glow and perk back.
You could also try face masks that locks moisture in your skin.
3.     Deflate those puffy eyes
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Black tea ice cubes will surely do the trick. You can also store your eye cream in the fridge because, again, cold temperature counters the swelling.
4.     Stay away from foundation
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Instead of using foundation to even out one’s skin tone, try tinted moisturizer. Trust me this is a lifesaver. Plus, it’s two-in-one.
5.     Eye lash curlers
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Our eyes tend to look smaller when we’re lacking sleep. Try to bring that youthful glow back by curling your eyelashes and notice your eyes pop.
6.     Mascara and some white dust
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To make those eyes even more gorgeous, apply some mascara and a little bit of white, silver eye shadow in the inner corners of your lids.
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7.     Cream blushes
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To get those apples of your cheeks red and ripe, cream blushes are the way to go because they look so natural and add a dewy finish.


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