The Right Kind of Love

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The key to a lasting relationship is not looking for the right person, it is staying in love with the person you found. Yes, the person you're with now is a potential husband or wife, you are with them for a reason. Failed relationships are sometimes the result when one or both partner aren't contented with the person they already found. They are always looking for more and more and sometimes, they end up with something less or maybe more but they are not happy.

I have been in this kind of relationship and we didn't date for long. Well, thank God we didn't last or I wouldn't know or be with the best person I could be the happiest in my whole life. If it never happened to me, I wouldn't learn how to appreciate the person I am with now.

It's always sad to see couples break up the relationship because they are not contented. I mean they are happy but still they want more.See, that's the problem of prolly every human being, we always want more. When we get something we want, we always want something else after. Well, here's what I say, you're with that someone now because obviously you liked something about him or her and once you get them, you'll realize that not all you want is in that person but suck it up people, you choose to be with the person and choose to stay with them. Happy endings don't come easy, they need hard work. If you'll always seek and find and let go and then seek and find and let go, you're gonna grow old alone (Bonus if your exes won't hate you lol!). Accept the things that your partner is lacking, after all, you're not perfect yourself. :)

Enjoy the person you're with now, you never know when it will last :)


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