Long Distance Love, Can You Handle It?

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Loving someone is very easy, it’s staying in love with them that’s so hard, especially when they are very far. It really gets harder everyday but you just have to remind yourself all the time that something that’s worth it will never be easy.

Does anybody know how to make a long distance relationship work? I think nobody, because every love is different from the other, no person is the same. I’ve read a lot of tips and visited a lot of long distance love websites but still here I am, asking myself if waiting for that special is really worth it?

It is not helping that I am such a jealous person. It’s hard to go on day by day and think about what the other person does or where is he at the moment, one thing you can do, and probably the only thing you can do is TRUST that person. It is a daily battle for me to trust him completely, but love really makes you do the theings you think you cannot do.

Having someone you love live very far from you is definitely one of the hardest things in love. Even harder when you have an argument or go into a huge fight and the other person just leaves the conversation. Sometimes, when you are fighting, it’s easier to just reach out and hold the person and tell them that everything will be okay. But you just can’t.

So for all the long distance lovers out there that make it through and end up in marriage, I salute you! For those who didn’t and broke up, one day someone will walk into your life and you’ll have your happy ending too.


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