4 Tips To Save Money on Beauty Products

I usually spend a lot on skincare & makeup and I admit I really need to watch my budget when it comes to beauty products. I have a lot of products in my counter and I am so guilty of throwing products that still has a lot in it because I forgot to use them. Or maybe because I already have a lot of similar product in different brands that I cannot use them all. Some products may not be pricey but if you keep on buying every now and then, even if it costs a dollar, it will really create damage in your budget. Here are simple tips on how you can save money and still looks amazing!

Wet wipes: Wet tissues are heaven sent not just for mommies but also for beauty enthusiasts like me! They come very handy and has a lot of uses! I use them to remove makeup, dirt and oil, clean smudges when I apply makeup, clean my sandals or shoes when I arrive at a place when it’s raining outside, freshen my face and my body while traveling especially if there’s no water available. It’s a great multipurpose product that you should keep in your bag all the time!

Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider has a lot of uses from health prevention to hair care (there are still many to mention). I always keep Bragg’s Apple cider vinegar in my kitchen whether I use it in my food or for beauty purposes. I read that it can be used as a skin toner but I haven’t tried it yet. I have tried drinking apple cider vinegar with warm water every morning before breakfast & dinner and made a salad dressing out of it with some spices and herbs. 

Coconut Oil: The benefits and uses of coconut oil may be enough to create a book and I believe it is one of the best budget products sold in the market. I always buy organic and extra virgin coconut oil for beauty purposes. I used to cook with it and I must say that my vegetables were very tasty even with just small amount s of it used. Now I solely use it to moisturize my skin, remove foundation, moisturize my hair, and body oil if I wanted to achieve a nice glow with a natural scent of coconut. It’s very tropical-ish and that always brings a smile on my face:)

Organic or Vegetable Based Soaps: Super yummy smelling body washes are luxurious and are often pricey (and maybe packed with chemicals too!) and organic or vegetable soaps are a great alternative. Hand made soaps are my favorite especially those with shea butter, vanilla or citrus scent. Some organic soaps I have used are tomato, which was great for toning the skin, coconut with lime was definitely one of my favorite bars which was given to me as a gift and Turmeric soap which is great to ward off bad body odor. 


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