Top 5 Fall Trends 2014!

Fall is coming. It's coming fast! And so are the trends! That's what I love about fashion and beauty, there is no ending. No matter how many times a thing or a style becomes a trend, it's always fresh. If you're like me who has been waiting and will always wait for the new trends every season, here are 5 trends for Fall 2014!


I think braids will always be "in" no matter what season. Maybe because there are lots of braids styles to choose from and one season is just not enough to wear them all! haha Fish braids, crown braids and princess braids would be my top three picks. But for Fall 2014, bun with braids will be trendier than what I've just mentioned. 

Body Butter

I am a lover of body products. And now that body butter is a trend, it's not really new to me. Even in summer (although I don't use it everyday) I still use it. For those of you who haven't tried using a body butter, you're missing out on the silkiet skin you can ever have! It's like lotion with an oil effect. Not that it's oily but it moisturizes your skin in a higher level than what
your daily lotion can give you!

Simple Nail Colors

This season we say goodbye (remember goodbyes are not forever) to extreme nail art designs! Nude nails is a big trend this fall 2014. Neutrals such as chocolates and greys are getting popular as well. I wouldn't be saying goodbye to my reds but I would definitely, most likely, wear nudes some time this season!

Darker Hair

Although light coloured hair is still in, darker hair, even in ombre style, will be in trend for fall 2014. I said goodbye to m blonde days for two years now and I've been sticking with my ash brown hair for a while (and looks like I'll be wearing it for a while too). For redheads, go for auburn tone, caramels would look great in blonde and ofcourse, brunettes will never go wrong with chestnut!


Metallic has been everywhere and I must admit I'm still wearing my metallic gold flats sometimes :) Expect more metallic accessories, eye makeups and clothes! If you don't knwo which metallic color works for you, always try and ask for advice before purchasing, the last thing we want to have this Fall is regret buying (which totally happens almost everyday!) haha


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