7 Eye Shadow Color Must-Haves For Every Girl

We all have our makeup preferences but do you think you’ve got all that you’ve wanted- such as eye shadow colors? There are a lot more eye shadow pigments out there to try. Here is my list of tints that you and your fave girl friends can sink your teeth into.
Your next favorite thing might be on this list. You can try this with your gal pals too and take all your makeup pouches for some eye makeup tips and secrets.

1.     Soft Pink

This tint looks preppy and sweet especially on fair skin tones. If you’re more of a dark skinned beauty, try choosing a shade deeper and darker to emphasize the flushed tone.

2.     Vanilla
Vanilla is a more neutral color that can be worn under other eyeshadow colors. It can also serve as a highlighter to emphasize the brow bone or to tone down or blend out other colors you’re wearing with it.

3.     Taupe

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Taupe can be worn in two looks. For a day time look, opt for a matte taupe to give you that serious, no-frills look. When going out whether to a club or a dinner party, try shimmery taupe eyeshadow for glamorous eyes at night.

4.     Matte Ivory

Matte is perfect for donning “au naturel”, and ivory looks clean and is very versatile. This shadow also works well as a highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes.

5.     Shimmery Champagne

This look is worn mostly during special events. Celebrities donning this shade include Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Tyra Banks and other caramel colored beauties.

6.     Purple

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This shade is worn by small screen hotties Nina Dobrev and Kat Graham. And, it is a total must have when crafting the perfect smokey eye.

7.     Deep Chocolate Brown

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This shade is also perfectly worn by Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev when she plays the seductively cunning Katherine Pierce. This can also be worn to create a smokey eye and best combined with purple or plum shades. It also allows you to draw on shadows and creases- perfect for Asian women with the epicanthic fold.


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