Exercise for Kids: 4 Reasons Why Juniors Should Exercise!

Children nowadays are either glued to their computers the whole day or busy playing their Wiis and PSPs. We all know that exercise is good for the older, heftier people but it is also important in our kids' lives as well. Try explaining to them the importance of exercise and playing outdoors with these five points:

Exercise for Kids: 1. Healthier body, happier heart.
When we exercise, we breathe heavier and faster making our heart pumps enough oxygenated blood, which is called Haemoglobin to all parts of the body. The more we exercise, the stronger our heart gets. Activities that strengthen the heart muscles include swimming, running, hiking, biking and playing games like basketball, baseball and badminton. Try these activities with the little ones for added fun.

Exercise for Kids: 2. "Say it with me... ENDORPHINS".
Doing the activities stated above also provides the children with a happier disposition because of the ENDORPHINS that the brain releases while exercising. The endorphins that the brain creates bring a happier mood to the one exercising. Happier kids lead to a happier you.

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Exercise for Kids: 3. Staying fit excuses no one.
Through routine exercise, one can shed off excess body fat by burning all those extra calories. We gain calories through the food we eat and the drinks we take. Consuming calories is good because it gives us the energy that we need to get through the day. Storing calories is another thing. Exercise balances off the calories we take by burning them. This fact does not only affect the older ones but also, the younger ones as well. Young and old, staying in shape is important to live a happier and longer life.

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Exercise for Kids: 4. Stretching for the good.
Children do not only get exercise through games and hiking. You can enrol them in gymnastics, ballet or martial arts class. Through these classes, they are not just learning but also giving them flexibility. They can even practise being flexible in terms of dealing with other kids in their class. For those parents with a tighter budget, you do not have to enrol your children in any of the classes mentioned above. You can have mini-yoga sessions with them. The quality, family time you give them every week is priceless.

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Keep in mind that the younger they are to practice proper health and exercise, the bigger the chance it is for them to not depart from it. Make it as fun and exciting as possible though, to keep them interested for the next family exercise.


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