Paleo 101: A Beginner's Guide to Paleo

First, what is the Paleo diet? Strictly, dieters should not eat grains, legumes, dairy, alcohol, sugar, and crucially, no processed meat. Just eat meat that came from animals that only consume plants.  

Here are the six lessons of the Paleo Diet:

  1. Abstain from eating processed foods. This is the Paleo major rule, but it’s also the advice of many nutritionists, including the Harvard’s School of Public Health. Eating mostly, or strictly, foods that are processed free or organic can do wonders.

  1. Diet WITH exercise. There should be an emphasis on exercise alongside with any kinds of diet. Exercise is worth it as it not only helps weight loss but improves your athleticism.

  1. Stay away from SALT. A big part of the Paleo diet is to clear away from sodium that processed food seem to have a lot in them. It is the opposite for potassium. Potassium intake should be twice than the usual amount. With this practice, a Paleo dieter will surely have low blood pressure and good vascular health.

  1. Not all FATS are bad. Not all oils are good for the body and with the Paleolithic Diet, you get to stir away from the bad ones and consume the good ones. Stay away from hydrogenated vegetable oil. Go for single source fats like from avocados and use olive, flaxseed or coconut oil in your Paleolithic dishes.

  1. Be the CHEF. For this diet to be successful, the dieter has to know for sure that whatever he/she eats isn’t processed as well as the oils needed for the dish to be cooked. One sure thing the dieter can do is to cook the food herself.

  1. Forget the CALORIE COUNT. As a Paleolithic dieter, you need to get over the whole “I-need-to-watch-my-calories” attitude. This diet does not focus on lowered intake of calories but the better consumption of food that offers nutrient density for one’s health.

    So if you want to know more about Paleo, this book will greatly help you have a quick start, Practical Paleo: A Customized Approach to Health and a Whole-Foods Lifestyle.


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